An independent fiduciary company based in Malta, providing corporate, financial, asset registration services. Recently incorporated, Imperium Malta needed to establish a trusted brand, harnessing new business opportunities.

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The Challenge

Create a clean, responsive web site and integrated CRM. Support Brand development strategy; communicating an established financial service provider.

The Approach - Mobile First

Organic search ranking, improved visibility and maximising conversion rates were high on the agenda. We took a mobile first Strategy to maximise ROI and employ progressive enhancement for larger screens.

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The Vision

A contemporary design, employing simple, clean imagery, communicating trust and customer service at its root.


Target Audience

To communicate Imperium as an established provider of expert corporate and fiduciary services we needed to identify the target audience and determine the correct tone for the site.

We developed a number of Key Personas to help inform the content and tested user journeys before building into a simple prototype.

The Design Solution

Back Office

An important part of the overall solution was the provision of a back-office control panel to harvest contact form data and store the results securely. An installation of our Evolve back-office framework was used, providing seamless integration with the front-end.

CRM login

The Back office itself consisted of two main areas:

  • An access control module allowing Imperium Admin to create and manage users details and
  • A reporting module containing customer details captured from the website contact form

These details could then be periodically exported as required and used for mailing lists and sales leads.

evolve crm
Clean UI dashboard created for the Back-office framework
Desktop screens
The Design Solution

Front End

An important factor creating the site's look and feel was the careful use of imagery. Extensive searches were carried out and a shortlist presented to the client to illustrate and communicate key services.

The final image pack was subsequently employed across promotional communications, presenting a vibrant and consistent brand.

Visit the site at

Mobile screens

Brand Management

Brand Documentation was produced to encourage consistency for future web and printed collateral. This was subsequently used to produce business stationary and vinyl banners.

Stationary / Banners

This web project includes integrated Back-Office features. Please get in touch for a demonstration of Evolve ERP - helping Businesses work smarter.

Evolve ERP
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